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Wife of Matt Oppliger; mother of three. Loving on people with the unconditional love of God. Wild is my favourite colour.
A lifetime reader of fantastical and adventurous tales, Casey McGinty raised his three children telling them spontaneous bedtime stories. In The Last City, his first novel, Casey simply wrote a story he wanted to read. Residing in Kingston Springs, TN, he enjoys kayaking, movies, playing guitar, making tacos, and helping his wife with their two Tennessee Walkers, Gideon and Asher, and Otis the donkey.
Audrey Woodhams is a writer, singer/songwriter, teacher, and the founder of A Thousand Different Colors. A Dove-award nominee with more than 1.5 million sales worldwide, Audrey has recorded 5 albums and co-written with songwriters and musicians from all over the world. She started A Thousand Different Colors in Zurich, Switzerland and now lives with her family in Milton, Massachusetts.
Lydia Angeline Meier was born and raised on an acreage in Iowa, and now lives in Switzerland, her husband's home country. A mother to three small children, she enjoys planting flowers, visiting the Alps, writing, sewing, and creating a beautiful environment for her family.
Bella is a Nashville-based actor working professionally on stages since age 6. Her feature film debut, Troupe Zero, is available January 17, 2020 on Amazon Video.
I love taking pictures because there is so much choice in how a moment is captured. I’m social & outgoing, and probably my favorite part about photography is meeting new people. My hobbies include playing the drums, motorcycle tours through Switzerland & Europa, and various forms of computer geekery.
K. A. McLain is a career teacher-turned-Baptist preacher, highland hiker, and lover of language. A devotee of the Celtic Christianity professed by her Hebridean ancestors, she lives with her husband at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Life is complicated and complex and challenging. Writing helps me process it all; and in the end, what is messy becomes beautiful, every time. I am the mother of five (and two sons-in-law); a minister, a musician; a daughter, a sister, a friend. I embrace every day beside the kindest man I’ve ever known. My daughter made a sign for me that says Lady Pastors Rock. So I try to rock every day, with grace. My life is pretty much a wreck, redeemed. The redemption makes it worth shouting about.
Catherine Pearson is a feature writer for A Thousand Different Colors. She has recently added motherhood to her list of life adventures. She now enjoys merging the joy of family with her draw to the refugee and immigrant community.
Emmi Kurosawa (a.k.a. E. K. Wood) is a New England based botanical artist and biologist who has been infatuated with nature since childhood, especially things that are odd and rare. Going into the woods, ponds, and rivers, Kurosawa finds the specimens of the day, examines thoroughly, and draws with careful observation and methodical attention to detail. As a PhD student at University of Massachusetts Boston, Emmi studies carnivorous plant genetics. She is also a molecular biologist and a rock drummer.
I am twelve years old and I really love creating new original art. I find it so fun to see the outcome of your drawings and paintings; I feel that anyone can have fun with art if you just keep working at it. I am in middle school and I am on the crew team, Mobjack Rowing Association, and I am a coxswain. My favorite medium is watercolor, but if I am going for realism, I prefer charcoal.
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I am a creative person. I’m not sure I consider myself an artist. I dabble in art processes. I do collage work, I sew and quilt. I write and I’ve done mixed media work. Recently, I’ve played with gelli printing. I tend to pursue a variety of interests.
I'm a South-African wedding dress designer currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. When I started my studio for tailor-made wedding gowns, I wanted to create romantic, vintage-styled dresses with a sense of relaxed luxury. Years later, with bridal trends coming and going, I believe every dress is still reflecting that same message.
My name is Andrew but most people call me Andy. I am a professional photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I was born in Tennessee but I don’t feel American. I live in Tokyo but I am not Japanese. I am a husband, father, and lover of fried food.
Here at A Thousand Different Colors, we believe everyone deserves a welcoming place to share creativity, get connected, and discover ways to make a lasting difference in the world. Even if you’re still learning (we all are), or you worry that your work isn’t good enough (been there), we believe your creativity is worth sharing. If you’re a professional with your own creative business, or if you’re just doing it for fun, this is the place for you. Click below to learn more and join the community...and welcome!
David Durham is a cultural affairs consultant, educator, and musician, with over 30 years of cross-cultural experience. He considers himself the world's richest man, with a loving wife of 32 years, and three amazing sons living with their families in Nashville, Tennessee. He is intrigued by the beauty of cultural diversity and the question of why we're on this planet to begin with.
John Mays, VP of A&R for Centricity, is one of Christian music’s most respected executives, having worked in A&R at Word, Sparrow, and Star Song Records before serving as president of Benson Records. Over his 35-year career, Mays discovered and signed Point Of Grace, Scott Krippayne, Cindy Morgan, Matt Redman, Nichole Nordeman, Warren Barfield, and the Passion worship recordings. Mays helped found Centricity Music in 2005 where his A&R efforts have contributed to the signing and development of Downhere, Jason Gray, Aaron Shust, Carrollton, Unspoken, Jordan Feliz and Lauren Daigle. He began his career in music at 17 as a musician, eventually landing jobs as a bass player with several bands and many Christian music recordings during the ’80s. Along the way, he co-wrote “Love In Any Language,” a career song for Sandi Patty included in CCM’s list of 100 greatest Christian songs. The Andrews, TX, native has been married to Dianne for 40 years and continues to brag on his two kids, Kelsey and John Austin, a teacher and vet student respectively, and, the exciting addition of Avery - the only Grand-baby ever to be born. When asked about his life philosophy, John says, “There aren’t too many problems that can’t be helped by a Mac computer, some Mexican food, or a trip to Texas.”
Ella Grace Woodhams is 6 and a half years old and in 1st grade. Her favorite color is purple and she believes in dragons.
Tabea and Matthias Oppliger founded GlowbalAct as a result of a deep, personal sense of obligation to address the rampant issue of sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women. This Swiss Non-Governmental Organization is actively committed to the goal of ending modern day slavery. In 2014, Tabea and Matthias relocated with their family to Tel Aviv, expanding their work to Israel. Their social impact business, A.I.R., specializes in designing and making up-cycled fashion products from valuable reclaimed kitesurfing kites, and offers jobs to people in need of professional reintegration into society.
Angela Lowell is an English Teacher and cross country coach in Colorado, where she lives with her husband, son, and spaniel.
Tammy Rochelle is an accomplished Nashville-based singer/songwriter and recording artist. Originally from the sunny coast of North Carolina, Rochelle has called Nashville, Tennessee her home for over 20 years. Serving up authentic, straight from the heart soulful folk-rock, Rochelle has independently released six solo albums. She has logged eighteen international tours through Europe and has played throughout the USA, Nicaragua, Canada, Australia and Africa.
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Tré Taliaferro began painting during high school in 2013. He creates portrait paintings with vibrant colors and random brush strokes. “I get my inspiration from a lot of things, the seasons, daily interactions, mostly how I imagine my future,” Tré says. “Random things inspire me but every painting is made of images pertaining to the time and after very calculated thinking.”
The philosophy of Blammity Blam is a group of friends who have become family. Together we create a future bigger than our individual parts. Our music serves as the voice of our friendships and as a testament to life and great adventure. Together we raft rivers, sail on the ocean, scale desert towers, as well as enjoy our down time with home cooking. Our music is inspired by our lives, and the songs have a feel of journal entries. For us, the music is just another expression of life’s pleasures. Playing around a fire long into the night with the people we love could not have come together more naturally. We hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy creating it.
Leah Merriman is a mixed media artist working out of St. Louis, Mo. Her body of work include sculpture, printmaking, paintings and illustrations in encaustics, acrylics, and ink. When she's not wrangling small children, she creates art.
Liz Dreckman is a feature writer for A Thousand Different Colors, and a mom of two who lives in Arizona. She serves as President of Arizona School Choice Trust and Choose A School, organizations that help families find the best school for their child. She loves to connect people to resources and things that make their lives easier or bring them joy.
There’s not really much of a story to me. I come from a rural community where everybody knows everybody. I grew up on a good sized piece of land with a few sheds that were to me blank canvases. I am fresh out of high school. I’m in the process of becoming a professional wrestler. I’ve had a creative mind as far back as I can remember. I started painting outside of school when I was 12. It all started with 2 cans of 96 cent spray paint and a wall on an old pig pen. I wasn’t very good at it but I loved doing it. I’m thankful every day that I’ve made time for both painting and wrestling outside of working. They both have became an amazing part of my life over the years.
Sarah Davis is a photographer, writer, and midwife/doula. She began writing poetry in her youth. Sarah loves raising chickens and growing things with her husband/soul mate and three children on their 2 acre farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I've been making art all of my life. I grew up on Coney Island, in Brooklyn New York in the 1960s and 70s. It was a unique setting, one which I took for granted during those years. (Doesn't everyone have a view of a roller coaster and the ocean from their living room window?) It wasn't until many years later that I realized how much that colorful and unusual environment had an impact on me as a young artist. I studied design and art history in college. Many years later I went back to school to earn my M.S. in Communication, landing me in my current job in higher education marketing communication. My husband and I have three children, and now that they are grown, I am spending more time making and promoting my art. A passion of mine is helping adults, especially those over 50, connect to their creativity to live a fuller life.
I’m Mary Love Richardson, the owner and lead designer of Rosemary & Finch. (Yes, “Love” is my middle name!) A Nashville native, I always wanted to work with my hands and finally found my way into floral design after studying painting and literature at Belmont University. When I’m not flowering it up, you can find me with my husband, Ben, spending our time traveling the world, hiking, gardening, cooking vegan feasts, and renovating our home. I can’t resist clean white walls or a good houseplant!
Nancy Legault creates irresistibly whimsical handformed highfire clay art in White Lake, Michigan.
Hi, I'm Tylor. Language is a love of mine. I enjoy creatively crafting works of words. Ever since I learned how to write I’ve been making short stories and poetry.