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A Thousand Different Colors
is the creative community for everyone.
This is the place to share your creative work, connect with local artists all over the world,
and discover ways you can make a lasting difference.
This season we’ll feature a comedian in Nashville, a tattoo artist in Marquette,
and a band of musicians with a tiny house studio in Flagstaff, just to name a few…
professionals, amateurs, and folks who just do it for fun.
We are creative, we are diverse…We are A Thousand Different Colors.

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Our Story

A Thousand Different Colors began in 2009 as a gathering of creative people living in Zurich, Switzerland: photographers, playwrights, actors, musicians, writers, and painters from all over the world gathered to share their creative work and how they made it. It was magical.

We discovered the value of community, and found that it doesn’t matter where in the world you call home…creativity is a universal language. We all want to make something meaningful.

Our goal is to gather local artists from all over the world as an extension of those first gatherings, for this community to be the place where people everywhere can share their creative work, get connected, and discover ways to make a lasting difference in the world.

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Audrey Woodhams is a writer, singer/songwriter, teacher, and the founder of A Thousand Different Colors. A Dove-award nominee with more than 1.5 million sales worldwide, Audrey has recorded 5 albums and co-written with songwriters and musicians from all over the world. She started A Thousand Different Colors in Zurich, Switzerland and now lives with her family in Milton, Massachusetts.
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