Your creativity is worth sharing.

Here at A Thousand Different Colors, we believe every person deserves a welcoming place to walk the creative journey: a place to share your creative work, get connected, and discover ways to make a lasting difference in the world.

Even if you’re still learning (we all are), or you worry that your work isn’t good enough (been there).

If you’re a professional with your own creative business, or if you’re just doing it for fun; if you’ve been at your craft for years, or if you’re just getting started. This is the place for you to share what you do.

Creativity flows from our lives, so as you share what you’re making, you can share your story, too.

You don’t have to be impressive.
Because you have already impressed us…
You’ve made something.

Tell us about yourself and your creativity, and a real person (probably Audrey) will get in touch with you. It’s that simple.