Ella Grace Woodhams loves nature. “I really like pandas because I think the baby pandas are super cute. I have my own toy panda, Pandy,” she says. “So I used it to make a picture of a panda in my drawing. And I really like sunsets because they’re so pretty, so I tried to do some designs of the sunset. When people see my picture, I hope they recognize the spirals. They’re blended in but they’re super pretty, too.”


The Night Sky with Pandy

The Night Sky with Pandy, crayon, 2017.


  1. There’s nothing like sharing a beautiful sunset with a friend, Ella Grace. Your pretty, colorful drawing captures the magic of both the evening sky and those sparkly spiral galaxies we can see when it gets dark. Thank you for reminding us that nature is putting on a spectacular show every night — all we have to do is to go outside and watch.

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