Thank you.

2017 was the year we launched A Thousand Different Colors, and
 we’re so happy you were a part of it.

Together, we are gathering local creative people from all over the world,
 shining a spotlight on your work and your stories, and
 discovering ways to make a lasting difference in the world.

In Season 1, we featured 21 local artists from 5 countries, showcasing local artists of all ages and creative genres: drawing, fashion, floral design, graphic design, music, painting, photography, poetry, theater, and all manner of prose – from sci-fi adventures to tragic memoir, vulnerable blogging and inspirational storytelling.

Photography by Tim Carr: 24 Hours in Havana. 
Casey McGinty discusses writing his first novel, The Last City.
Floral Design by Mary Love Richardson. Photography by Killian Rose.
Watercolor and ink by child actress, Bella Higginbotham.
Painting by Kevin English.

In our Making a Difference movement, we are shining a spotlight on local artists doing good…a photographer in Hamilton, Ontario providing family portraits for refugees, and fashion designers in Tel Aviv who are protecting the environment and providing jobs for those who have escaped from the sex trafficking industry.

Matt and Tabea Oppliger founded Kite.pride, giving a second wind for kites and people

But we’re just beginning! We’re already hard at work on Season 2…coming this Spring ’18!

In Season 2, we’ll feature a tiny house music studio in Arizona, a world-traveling photographer based in Tokyo, and a painter whose childhood on Coney Island is found in her brush strokes of the ocean.

We are always looking for more local artists to showcase. If you know someone with some creativity to share, tell us! Most local artists need encouragement to share their work, so your recommendation will mean a lot. We welcome beginners, professionals, and those who just do it for fun; kids and the young at heart. This is the creative community for everyone.

This is the creative community for everyone.

We’re looking for more feature writers, as well. If you’d like to dust off the old typewriter and write about a local artist, let us know! To give you a little encouragement, here’s what our newest feature writer, Liz Dreckman, had to say….

“It was slightly terrifying…but HOW I MISSED writing. I took on the challenge, and I was given the most moving and glorious subject matter to start with. Over the weekends I worked on this, I could not stop sitting and staring at the artist’s work – thinking – words just seem so unnecessary here. Thank you, Audrey Woodhams, for giving me the opportunity and the encouragement to ‘pick up the pencil’ again. I can’t wait to give voice to other artists’ work.

Again, THANK YOU for an incredible beginning…here’s to Season 2 and a great new year in 2018!

Featured image: painting by Tré Taliaferro