Twelve-year-old, Aiden Sowers, lives in Mathews, Virginia with the Chesapeake Bay in his back yard. He spends a lot of time on the water, coxswaining for his Mobjack Rowing Association crew team. But when he is on dry land, Aiden loves to paint and draw.

“I was really inspired by my cousin’s art and it made me start to draw more and more.” Aiden says. “I really started getting into art in 6th grade.

“All I used to draw was anime and all my characters looked the same, but as soon as I bridged out to other subjects and mediums that is when I had an epiphany. I could really do this, I said to myself, and I continued to tell myself, until I reached a point where I could feel accomplished.

“Now I practice art almost every day to try to get better. I feel that creating works of art is so fun. So I hope I can inspire you to try art just like my cousin inspired me.”

In this collection, Aiden works in watercolor and charcoal mediums. “My favorite medium is watercolor,” he says, “but if I am going for realism, I prefer charcoal.”

I am twelve years old and I really love creating new original art. I find it so fun to see the outcome of your drawings and paintings; I feel that anyone can have fun with art if you just keep working at it. I am in middle school and I am on the crew team, Mobjack Rowing Association, and I am a coxswain. My favorite medium is watercolor, but if I am going for realism, I prefer charcoal.