This holiday season, we have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world in partnership with Kite.pride. 

Kite.pride is a Swiss-Israeli fashion label making trendy, lightweight, durable backpacks and totes from repurposed kitesurfing sails. But the benefit goes beyond upcycling reclaimed materials into works of art. Kite.pride gives training, jobs, and rehabilitation to those exiting the sex trafficking industry.

Every purchase makes a big difference. Learn more about Kite.pride founders, Matt and Tabea Oppliger, and buy a new kite.pride backpack for your Christmas shopping by December 1st!

 Shop Kite.pride

   Shop Kite.pride

Audrey Woodhams
Audrey Woodhams is a writer, singer/songwriter, teacher, and the founder of A Thousand Different Colors. A Dove-award nominee with more than 1.5 million sales worldwide, Audrey has recorded 5 albums and co-written with songwriters and musicians from all over the world. She started A Thousand Different Colors because she believes local creativity has power to change the world. Audrey lives in Milton, MA with her husband, Doug, and their children, Abe, Ella Grace, and John.

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