Lydia Angeline Meier’s poem, Entitlement, is accompanied by word art created by Esther Meeder.  An ocean may separate these two sisters – Lydia lives in Switzerland while Esther lives in Iowa – but their common love for art and creativity brings them together.


I am born and they title me.
They title me with a name. Three names.
They tell me what the names mean and whose names were the same.

I grew and grow and somehow show the meaning of the names as I go.
I write some books, they grow some hooks and the same names change to gold.

Suddenly this name has fame and they name some names after me!
And then I think, “Well, look at that I’m the Prince and the King and the Queen!”
And then they start to put up plaques and imprint my name on the street.
And then I say, “Oh look at that!” I put on some feathers and preen.

They ask me, they say, “how do you do it that way?”
And I look around and can’t quite think what to say as pleasing has got in the way.
And as I look back, I check in my hat for some tips and some tricks I can play.
But now I find what has come to my mind was not really mine in a way.

As I relive, the gift that I give, was given to me.
And why He chose me remains His mystery.
Maybe He hoped, I would give it and point to Him, not me,
And then, that He is you would see.

Feb 2016

Lydia Angeline Meier
Lydia Angeline Meier was born and raised on an acreage in Iowa, and now lives in Switzerland, her husband's home country. A mother to three small children, she enjoys planting flowers, visiting the Alps, writing, sewing, and creating a beautiful environment for her family.


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