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Here at A Thousand Different Colors, we believe everyone deserves a welcoming place to share creativity, get connected, and discover ways to make a lasting difference in the world. Even if you’re still learning (we all are), or you worry that your work isn’t good enough (been there), we believe your creativity is worth sharing. If you’re a professional with your own creative business, or if you’re just doing it for fun, this is the place for you. Click below to learn more and join the community...and welcome!

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Fearless Artist

As the writer wrote, and the poet spoke, words then began to flow like paint being poured out onto the canvas in preparation for a painting. The paintbrush gets dipped and...

Three Olives and a Pickle: Nancy Legault Lost Herself, Then Molded a New Life

Shlumpy pumpkins. Stumpy tree trunks. Vases crowned with dragonflies and flowers. Nancy Legault’s whimsical earthenware is displayed in galleries and shops from Michigan to...

Holiday Gifts that Change the World

This holiday season, we have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world in partnership with Kite.pride.  Kite.pride is a Swiss-Israeli fashion label...