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Here at A Thousand Different Colors, we believe everyone deserves a welcoming place to share creativity, get connected, and discover ways to make a lasting difference in the world. Even if you’re still learning (we all are), or you worry that your work isn’t good enough (been there), we believe your creativity is worth sharing. If you’re a professional with your own creative business, or if you’re just doing it for fun, this is the place for you. Click below to learn more and join the community...and welcome!

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Clothe Me: A poem for Easter

Clothe Me Put me in clothes for which they’ll bid When I am dead, when I am hid. Give me some words for which they’ll fight When I...

Epiphany: 12-year-old Aiden Sowers discovers ‘I could really do this’

Twelve-year-old, Aiden Sowers, lives in Mathews, Virginia with the Chesapeake Bay in his back yard. He spends a lot of time on the water,...

Wild is My Favorite Color

Story by Audrey Woodhams On a balcony in Tel Aviv, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance, Tabea Oppliger stands with her...