Bella Higginbotham

Bella Higginbotham
Bella Higginbotham is twelve years old and has been acting on Nashville’s stages since age five. She has appeared in 22 plays and 1 opera. Some of her favorite roles include Cosette in LES MISERABLES, Gretl in SOUND OF MUSIC, Balloon Girl & Newsboy in GYPSY, Zuzu in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (all at Studio Tenn in Franklin, TN), Phoebe in IF I WERE YOU, Launce in TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, Mindy in SHOWMANCE, The Oracle in INSIDE OUT ATLAS, Young Nina in ODDLY PUDDLE (all at The Theater Bug in Nashville, TN). She has also appeared on camera in various local and regional commercials, and has recorded voiceovers and vocals for several local projects. In December 2017, Bella plays her first professional lead role: Lucy in Studio Tenn’s live production of THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. Bella is a visual artist who loves to draw and paint, and she plays the ukulele. She loves to roller skate, spend time with friends, read, and cuddle her baby sister.

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